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Hoodia gordonii - slimming cactus, veldkos. Hoodia gordonii (masson) sweet ex decne. Hoodia gordonii ; recent news. Hoodia gordonii 20:1. Hoodia gordonii absolute has gained the reputation of being the most recommended; vitacost ultraslim fx with green tea ; hoodia gordonii extract -- 120 vegetarian capsules source naturals hoodia concentrate -- 500 mg - 60 capsules. Hoodia gordonii as; for thousands of years, the san bushmen of the kalahari desert in africa have used the native plant hoodia gordonii for sustenance during extended hunts; 12 mar 2014 so, which is the superior product in the battle of garcinia cambogia vs hoodia? Hoodia gordonii for sale, capsules, sprays and powder. Hoodia gordonii has been in the news since 2004 for its weight loss potential.